Chinese Fashion Icons Honored at China Fashion Gala 2019

by Gonzalo Marroquin and Patrick McMullan

China Fashion Gala 2019 was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on May 1st. The Gala was hosted by Yue-Sai Kan; Mei He, President of We-Education Group; Qing Su, President of Meihodo LLC and Jeannette Chang, former SVP of Hearst International.

The Gala honored designer and artist Jason Wu, Editor in Chief of Vogue China Angelica Cheung, Actress Shu Qi, skincare brand Shanghai Pechoin Group, and Managing Director of Brands and Distribution at Esquel Group Dee Poon.

The evening opened with a mesmerizing performance by Chinese singer BING, known as “China’s Masked Diva”. Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Claman who is a financial news anchor at the Fox Business Network hosted the gala. A high-energy presentation of live auction was conducted by charity auctioneer C.K. Swett.

The Gala was well attended by a wide range of personalities from New York City leaders, well-known designers to beloved fashion icons such as Gemma Chan, Xiaowen Ju, Shupei Qin, Chien Chung Pei, Ping Huang, Nicole Miller, Wendy Yu, Chloe Flower, Han Feng, Anla Cheng, Sophia Sheng, Fiona Cibani, LaQuan Smith, Wen Zhou, Josie Natori, Jacqulyn Jablonski, Daniel Paltridge, Tikka Shatrujit Singh, Anthony Cenname, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Lin Li, Roseline Luo, Jessica Xue, Diana Xu, Zaina Gohu, Simon Collins, Mark Gong, Mary McFadden, Kaity Tong, Fernanda Ly and Morris Goldfarb to name a few.

Yue-Sai Kan and Gemma Chan by Starpix

Qi Shu and Yue-Sai Kan by Sophie Zhai

L to R: Shupei Qin, Jason Wu, Angelica Cheung and Xiaowen Ju by Starpix

L to R: Qing Su, Yue-Sai Kan and Norimatsu Kinzo
by Gonzalo Marroquin and Patrick McMullan

Jeannette Chang and Vivian Xue
by Gonzalo Marroquin-Patrick McMullan

Aiping Zhang and Ambassador Huang Ping
by Gonzalo Marroquin-Patrick McMullan

The highlight of the evening was a full-length couture fashion show by designer Jason Wu, an internationally renowned Chinese-Canadian designer based in New York. Jason Wu has received an array of accolades in the global fashion arena and has dressed top models, celebrities and influential women, such as former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama. 

The China Fashion Gala is a platform to promote and support emerging Chinese talent on the international stage and recognize individuals whose outstanding contributions have helped position Chinese design and aesthetics at the forefront of fashion on a global scale.

L to R: Simon Collins, Liz Claman, Jason Wu, Angelica Cheung, Shu Qi, Yue-Sai Kan, BING, James Heimowitz, Vivian Xue, Dee Poon, Sophia Sheng, Anla Cheng, and Chien Chung Pei


Through partnerships with various media organizations, the 2019 Gala accumulated an amazing 500 million media impressions and more than 80 English and Chinese media outlets covered the event, including WWD, Fashionista, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Mail, Gotham Magazine, New York Social Diary, Xinhua, China Daily, SinoVision, Harper's Bazaar China, Vogue China, Cosmo China, Grazia China, Tencent Fashion, Sohu and etc.

“China Chic Pop-up” Showcases Chinese Labels in New York’s Grand Central Terminal

As a central part of Yue-Sai Kan's mission to increase visibility of Chinese brands, we assembled 20 Chinese brands and designer labels to participate in the China Chic Pop-up in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall from April 26 to 30. For many of the brands, this was their first appearance in the U.S.

The 6,000-square-foot space was transformed into an innovative interactive experience inspired by a Chinese landscape painting, with three themed areas – Fashionista, Beauty and Lifestyle – and a photobooth, with Instagrammable opportunities throughout. 

The five-day event attracted nearly 1 million visitors who had the chance to experience the arts, fashion, food and culture of China. Through combining modern fashion with typical oriental culture, the pop-up event gave global consumers a closer look at distinctive Chinese designs. The mission of China Chic Pop-up is to challenge stereotypes about “Made-in-China” and redefine “Chinese Style”. 15% of sales proceeds have been donated to the Yue-Sai Kan China Beauty Charity Fund.

CBCF to Relaunch Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion Program in Partnership with WeDesign in March

Yue-Sai Kan China Beauty Charity Fund has partnered with WeDesign Group to relaunch the CBCF Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion Program, which was started in 2017 as a new initiative to fulfill our mission. 

The CBCF is committed to raising awareness of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability for Chinese companies, particularly those involved in the fields of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products and services. Our goal for the executives and professionals in this program is to gain an awareness and understanding of best practices in sustainability so they have the foundational knowledge and tools to develop a strategic approach that supports their brand, business and growth goals as well as our environment.

The 8-week program to commence in March is composed of three parts:

1.Online Design Studio Program - Streamed with Chinese subtitles and Live Chat, open registration

2.Offline Executive Education Program in NYC - Classroom lectures, workshops and field visits

3.Copenhagen Fashion Summit - Attend the CFS to meet and learn from the world’s leading executives, experts and thinkers in the world of sustainability. Join Francois Henri Pinault and a host of business leaders to plan the future.
Scan the QR code to sign up the online design studio program.

Recent Press


Building Bridges on the air

China Daily Global

Television anchor Yue-Sai Kan has made a career out of helping China and the US get closer. For many Americans, the first time they ever saw a live television broadcast from China was in 1984, when China's 35th National Day celebration aired live on PBS for two hours. TV host and producer Yue-Sai Kan, who had already created a show about Asia, was the anchor of the historic live broadcast. The program was also historic for being the first joint venture between a Chinese station — China Central Television (CCTV) — and a US one, PBS. "It was very impactful because [it was] Americans' first time seeing China," said Kan.



Inside the New York Home of China’s Most Famous Woman


Yue Sai Kan’s residence is an eclectic expression of east and west, contemporary and period, coming together in one of Manhattan’s enclaves for the privileged The most famous woman in China has a five-storey townhouse in the very private Sutton Square along the East River. American-Chinese Yue Sai Kan is widely known in the mainland for having been a media maven and responsible for a cosmetic line that has introduced millions of Chinese women to cosmetics. Her residence in New York is one of less than 20 homes in this bucolic side of Manhattan. Through the years, the circa 1920 townhouse has undergone various renovations. Kan loves to decorate her home with a little help from interior designers, the last one being Luke Van Duyen.



Yue-Sai Kan Accepts Honorary Chairman of the First MEIHODO International Youth Visual Media Festival

Kyodo Japan

As the Emmy Award-winning TV producer, entrepreneur, fashion leader, writer and humanist, Yue-Sai Kan takes the responsibility of Honorary Chairman. People magazine called her “the most famous woman in China” and Times referred her as “Empress of the Middle Kingdom”. In 2014, the achievement of the international image of Shanghai and the promotion of Western cultural exchange was recognized by the Shanghai International Film Festival, which was awarded the honorary title of the International Ambassador.



Building Bridges Between the U.S. and China


EDITORS’ NOTE Chinese-American Yue-Sai Kan is an Emmy-winning television producer, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Her Looking East television series is the first nationally syndicated program to introduce Asian cultures to American audiences. Following her success in the United States, China’s national network China Central Television invited Yue-Sai to produce and host One World, giving millions of Chinese their first look of the outside world.



Shanghai K Charitable Foundation Welcomes Yue-Sai Kan as Goodwill Ambassador

Shanghai K Charitable Foundation

The Shanghai K Charitable Foundation (“the Foundation”) is pleased to welcome Ms Yue-Sai Kan as its first Goodwill Ambassador, effective 1 September 2018. The role of Goodwill Ambassador has been created in order to support the aims of the Foundation and its philanthropic initiatives in China, providing underprivileged youth with vocational hospitality training to launch careers in the hotel industry and thus build better lives for themselves and their families. Attending events, assisting with fundraising and raising the profile of the Foundation are just a few facets of the role to be undertaken by Ms Kan, China’s most high-profile businesswoman and humanitarian.



Yue-Sai Kan Featured in Personage Magazine

Personage Magazine

In the Personage Magazine cover story, Yue-Sai shared her story about how she bridges the East-West gap with her own efforts. Her first TV series was set up to help people in the U.S. understand Asia. As the first and only living American featured on a Chinese postage stamp, she pursued her dream of promoting East and West through her TV programs, cosmetics and charity. Yue-Sai seeks to encourage young people, in particular, to be charitable, educate them about exemplary values, and create a positive image and celebrate women by empowering them to use beauty for a positive social change.



Yue-Sai Kan Featured in Jing Daily

Jing Daily

When it comes to targeting millennial and Gen Z consumers, luxury brands in China often use young celebrities and influencers who are peers of the target demographic. However, fashion magazine Marie Claire China‘s recent campaign aims to demonstrate the power of more mature, silver generation influencers.



Yue-Sai Kan Featured in China Daily

China Daily

Today, Chinese people travel and study abroad, watch blockbusters at cinemas, order international fashion brands online, and do business with people from other countries.



Yue-Sai Kan Featured in ModaVIE


An Emmy for her broadcast genius, twice honored with her likeness on Chinese postage stamps, Yue-Sai Kan uses her pioneering spirit to be a global force for change. She reigns as a television host and producer, beauty mogul, author, entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, and passive advocate for WOMEN AND CHILDREN.



Yue-Sai Kan Featured in WWD


Christian Louboutin, Shanghai Tang Honored at 2018 China Fashion Gala


Yue-Sai with Amanpour
Yue-Sai with Andy-Leu
Yue-Sai with Bette-Midler
Yue-Sai with Bill-Clinton
Yue-Sai with Buzz-Alduin and Mrs-Lois
Yue-Sai with Roberto-Cavalli
Yue-Sai with Helen-Mirren
Yue-Sai with Li-Zhaoxing
Yue-Sai with Jiang-Zeming
Yue-Sai with Lang-Lang
Yue-Sai with Li-Ruihuan
Yue-Sai with Maharaja of Jaipur
Yue-Sai with Pavarotti
Yue-Sai with Prince-Sihanouk
Yue-Sai with Sydney-Poitier
Yue-Sai with Ted-Turner
Yue-Sai with Elizabeth-Hurley
Yue-Sai with Michael-Douglas
Yue-Sai with Miss-Universe
Yue-Sai with Pope-John-Paul II
Yue-Sai with Prince-Charles
Yue-Sai with Meryl-Streep
Yue-Sai with Iris-Cantor and Hugh-Jackman