Yue-Sai has connected East and West with charm, intelligence and grace

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Yue-Sai Kan has written 8 best-selling books in China, making her the first to dispense valuable tips about television production, beauty and etiquette to the modern Chinese. This includes: "One World", "How to Be a Beautiful, Healthy and Successful Modern Woman", and “Yue-Sai’s Guide to Asian Beauty” which provides instruction on basic makeup techniques, which instantly became a must-have handbook for the Chinese Woman. Encouraged by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, she introduced international social standards to China with her book “Etiquette for the Modern Chinese”, and “The Chinese Gentleman” and “The Complete Chinese Woman” served as virtual training manuals for volunteers at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. In 2009 she published "Exquisite Spaces, 25 Top Interior Designers of the World", a coffee table book featuring design philosophies and tips from world-class designers, and their works. It was the first time that an interior design book of such magnitude was made available in China.  2012 Yue-Sai published her eight book, called "Life is a Competition", drawn from the last two years of her life as the national director of Miss Universe China, Yue-Sai Kan wrote this self-help book for the purpose of motivation young women throughout China's modern cities. 

Etiquette For The Modern Chinese

Launched in 2000, this book has been a bestseller. It has also been serialized by countless magazines and newspapers all over China and was also made into a 20 part TV series.

Divided into 6 sections, etiquette for behavior in the public, at home, personal hygiene, how you should look, behavour toward others, how to eat Western Food using western utensils, and proper etiquette for correspondences etc.

How To Be A Beautiful Healthy And Successful Modern Woman

was launched in January 2004 and has been a bestseller ever since.  Divided in sections, Yue-Sai shares with her readers her intimate and very personal do's and don't -- things that have helped her to be beautiful, healthy and successful in life. The book is richly illustrated with pictures. You will find some of her interesting views of life as  below:

"Do not marry for love or money. They are very small ingredients that make up for a happy marriage!"

"Women are so much luckier than men. So many things can help us look the way we wish to look…  various kinds of makeup, various hairdos and a array of clothes. Learning to utilizing them, we can make ourselves look anyway our fantasy takes us." 

"Never rely on a paycheck to live. What if one day you get fired! Learn to establish a passive income as early as possible!"

"My favourite food is Japanese!"

In the book, Yue-Sai also offers her readers her exercise routines, her views on how to be "sexy", how to have a successful marriage, how to have a beautiful figure, how she decorates her home, and even her recipe of  tea for health called the Yue-Sai Tea.

Publisher: Shanghai Peoples Publishing House. Sold in book stores all over the country.

One World

This 2-volume book consisted of the scripts of over 50 TV programs of the historical One World series that was aired in 1986 and 87. Before each script, there was also a chapter of why and how Yue-Sai produced this special program and some of the most interesting stories about the making of the show. This historical series was the first TV series produced and hosted by a non-Chinese (Yue-Sai is a AmericanChinese) for the State Owned China Central TV and "for the first time, brought the world into the homes of millions of Chinese!". The series covered almost 18 countries. Since there were 2 versions, many Chinese used the scripts to study English at home as well as in countless schools all over China. With a weekly audience of over 300 million people, this show no doubt made Yue-Sai the "most watched TV personality in the world!" and made her a household word in the country of her birth.

Yue-sai’s Guide to Asian Beauty

The first technical makeup book for Asians with emphasis on Asian features. Detailed technics for each part of an Asian face. The central theme of the book however, is the Yue-Sai Color system, coordinating clothes and makeup -- The result of years of study in search of the best colors for Asians.

Exquisite Spaces
25 Top Interior Designers of the World
198RMB/32USD - I would like to Purchase - Exquisite Spaces
The Complete Chinese Woman
48RMB/8USD - I would like to Purchase - The Complete Chinese Woman
The Chinese Gentleman
48RMB/8USD - I would like to Purchase - The Chinese Gentleman
Life is an competition
Life is a competition

This self-helping bible is dedicated to the female in mordern cities, written by Yue-Sai Kan ,the authority in fashion. In this book, Yue-sai will teach you everthing related to makeup, etiquette, culture, values and the hot issues of miss universe training. It will be an amiable reading experience for modern females and this book will help them improve self-image and personal charm.