City Weekend Magazine wrote a review on Yue-Sai's new book "The Chinese Gentleman"


City Weekend

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In "The Chinese Gentleman," author Yue-Sai Kan ("the most famous woman in China") draws on her experiences rubbing shoulders with the creme dela creme of the male population (including Bill Clinton and Jean Paul Gualtier) to enlighten China's male population on how to be a man (that woman want).  Here are three priceless tips from the grand dame of the East:

1. If you don't like the food or it if not edible, wink at the waiter and ask him to bring you a new order.  Do not stand up and fly into a rage.

2. Give some face to your wife at a social occasion.  No matter how she rants at you about a tiny mistake you've made, be a gentleman.  Try to change the topic.  Never quarrel back.

3. Westerners never take other women (only wives or colleagues) to business dinners.  Be aware of this to avoid misunderstanding.

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