House of Yue-Sai Store Opens in Shanghai



Company Profile:

House of Yue-Sai---Style, Elegance, Inspiration

House of Yue-Sai is a Chinese lifestyle brand of international standard founded by Chinese American Yue-Sai Kan. As the ultimate arbiter of beauty and a celebrated cultural ambassador between the East and West, Yue-Sai aims to infuse style, elegance and inspiration into this neo-fusion retail concept. With its roots in the East, House of Yue-Sai encompasses top design elements from around the world and culminates in sheer East-meets-West beauty.

House of Yue-Sai provides a line of stylish and innovative products that promote neo-fusion living. Major categories include fine furniture, bedding, tabletop, lighting, desktop, decorative accessories, gourmet foods, and unique gifts.


Style lasts, trends pass. House of Yue-Sai stands for timeless chic.


Live a beautiful life. House of Yue-Sai promotes fine living.


The best home inspires and surprises. House of Yue-Sai is your source of boundless inspiration.

House of Yue-Sai looks at interior decoration as an organic whole. Each piece is interesting on its own; Combined together they result in sheer beauty. Dinnerware, lighting, furniture, soft goods, frames and candles ... we have plenty of things for you to mix and match at ease. Many of our products are designed in-house. The rest are sourced globally of which more than 10 countries are currently represented including Italy, France, India, the Czech Republic, and the United States. The first House of Yue-Sai store will open in Shanghai on December 10, 2007. With 9 categories, several hundred varieties of merchandise, the new store is set to bring about a lifestyle revolution in China.

Store Address:

15 West Beijing Road

Gold Bridge Plaza

Shanghai, China 200070


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