Yue-Sai Kan invited Dutch Jazz Great Laura Fygi


tl_files/contents/press/20050427.jpgYue-Sai Kan invited Dutch Jazz Great Laura Fygi to Shanghai to perform 2 concerts in the Shanghai Concert Hall.  Both concerts were packed to capacity. A big crowd waited outside before the concert for last minute tickets which were not to be had.  Laura performed in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese and brought the house down with a rendition of  the very popular "The Moon Represents My Heart".  Rarest of all, she was able to get the entire house on its feet, clapping and singing along with her&a scene never before seen in a concert by a foreigner.  This is the first time Yue-Sai Kan's new company Yue-Sai Kan Productions Shanghai hosted a concert.

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