Yue-Sai Kan invited Jeanette Lee


tl_files/contents/press/20050427.jpgYue-Sai Kan invited Jeanette Lee, nicknamed the Black Widow who is the World Champion Billlard player to Shanghai in 2 competitions with 3 of the best in China. The news of her visit was reported widely in every single newspaper, magazine and TV shows in Shanghai.   The final was played in the evening with Top Chinese Champion Pan Xiao Yan.  Jeanette Lee won by a convincing 7-4.  This game was broadcast live all over the country.  This is the first time Yue-Sai Kan's new company Yue-Sai Kan Productions Shanghai hosted a sporting event. The event was sponsored by a brand new jewelry brand in China called OCENID which was launched by this event to huge success. In addition,  it is believed that this event has helped to make Billiard into a very trendy and fashion game in China.

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