Denzel Washington doesn't overdress even for dinner at a Sutton Place mansion

Denzel Washington doesn't overdress even for dinner at a Sutton Place mansion. "I wore these pants in 'Man on Fire' and the shoes are from the Broadway production of 'Julius Caesar,' " the affable actor told guests gathered at the home of China's TV star Yue-Sai Kan for the birthday of Bronx social arbiter Richard Turley.



City Weekend Magazine wrote a review on Yue-Sai's new book "The Chinese Gentleman"

In "The Chinese Gentleman," author Yue-Sai Kan ("the most famous woman in China") draws on her experiences rubbing shoulders with the creme dela creme of the male population (including Bill Clinton and Jean Paul Gualtier) to enlighten China's male population on how to be a man (that woman want).



Making of the Chinese Gentleman

Yue-Sai Kan is a woman who needs no introduction among Chinese audiences. This Guilin-born TV star has been a household name through out China and internationally for the past two decades, through US-made television programs such as Looking East (1978-1990) and China 



Yue-Sai on publishing the book

Known as the China's iconic arbiter of taste, a TV personality, founder of a popular cosmetics brand "Yue-Sai", an acclaimed author, and now Yue-Sai has become the author of her 5th best seller called "The Chinese Gentleman".



The Beijing Dynasty

Forbes Life

If China is the Wild West of the Far East, Shanghai is its Dodge City, the frontier capital of risk-taking, a town electric with ambition, awed by its own progress, the good-explosive economy, burgeoning art scene, sophisticated nightlife- and the bad- grueling traffic jams, foul air.